Ticwatch’s smart tickers bring Android Wear to the masses (again)

Fully featured and already funded
12 July 2017

If an armful of smartwatches all run the same OS, what’s to differentiate them? Like a grid of cars carrying the same engine, it’s all about the trimmings. Take the new Ticwatch E (from US$119) and bezel-equipped S (from US$139) models: while the custom OS of previous editions has been ditched based on user feedback, these Android Wear 2.0 devices still pack a pretty punch. Both offer on-board GPS, heart-rate monitors and IP67 waterproofing, with 1.4in full-round OLED displays up-front. Better yet, battery should be good for more than two days, while bespoke faces mean the Ticwatch won’t forget its indie roots - which is good, given that they’re already funded on Kickstarter.