The Tag Heuer Connected x Super Mario Limited Edition is a luxury smartwatch for the Nintendo hardcore

It’s-a three o’clock
13 July 2021 / 13:56BST

Considering how busy a typical Mario day is - fight Bowser at midday, go-karting at 3pm, round of golf just before tea time - he would probably benefit from wearing a watch. And if the plumber was feeling particularly vain (and had a few quid in his pocket), he’d surely want to put Tag Heuer’s limited edition Connected x Super Mario smartwatch on his wrist. Marking the beginning of what Tag Heuer and Nintendo say will be a long-term collaboration, the new timepiece employs the world’s most recognisable video game character to encourage its wearer to get active. He pops up regularly on the animated digital watchface, saluting you in the morning and performing a different action each time you hit a goal. And when you’ve reached 100% of your daily step count target Mario will, of course, climb the Goal Pole. The watch’s exterior is also decorated with little details to tempt Nintendo superfans. The bezel features three Mario game symbols at the three, six and nine o’clock positions, plus an M logo on the crown, while the steel case comes with two interchangeable straps, both featuring Super Mario red. Remove all the Nintendo trappings and you’re left with a regular 45mm Tag Heuer connected smartwatch, which runs Wear OS and accurately tracks various activities, as well as your heart rate. Google Assistant is on board, and you get all-day battery lift from the 430mAh cell. We don’t have a price yet, but Tag Heuer will only sell 2,000 watches when they go on sale from July 15, so you’ll have to move fast if you want one.