Puma's new self-lacing trainers can be controlled from your smartphone

Smarter than the average shoe
31 January 2019 / 16:30GMT

Self-lacing sneakers are all the rage these days, and now German footwear-maker Puma is getting in on the action with a pair of its very own. The company's super-smart trainers use a new Fit Intelligence (Fi) tech platform to automate and fine-tune performance for the user, and also feature a micromotor-powered cable system that laces the shoe as if by magic. Puma claims its Fi range will eventually learn and adapt to the shape of each wearer's foot using some fancy smart-sensing capabilities, while athletes keen on a pin-point fit will be able to monitor, adjust and fine tune their fit through a smartphone app - or even make adjustments on the fly using their Apple Watch. The Fi range is expected to hit shelves in 2020, so there's still some time to go until you can get your hands... erm feet on them.