GPS-packing Venu is Garmin’s first AMOLED smartwatch

Track and yield
05 September 2019 / 15:14BST

Garmin’s campaign to make you ditch your Apple Watch has just had boost in the shape of the AMOLED-packing Venu (from £299). The first of Garmin’s smartwatches to get the vibrant screen tech, there’s also GPS onboard and it’s absolutely packed with health and fitness tracking skills, including heart-rate, pulse ox, sleep and menstrual cycles. That bright 1.2in screen is used for workout animations and showing notifications, while a five-day battery life will make sure that you don’t have to worry too much about charging it. It comes in various finishes, which will dictate how much you pay for one, and you’ll be able to strap on one sometime in Q4.