The Force is with Garmin's new Legacy Saga smartwatches

Because Jedi want to keep their phones in their pockets too
04 October 2019 / 16:57BST

With its droids, hyperdrives, and holographic chess sets, the Star Wars universe has its fair share of enviable tech – but one thing you won’t see on Tatooine or Bespin is one of Garmin’s Legacy Saga Series smartwatches (both £350). With their Star Wars-inspired designs – one based on Darth Vader (above right), the other on Daisy Ridley's Rey – they’d fit right in, and bring 24/7 health monitoring, on-screen workouts, smart notifications, and Garmin Pay to anybody who wears one, no matter how many midi-chlorians they have inside them. With its larger 45mm case, the Darth Vader edition’s battery lasts a day longer than Rey’s seven, but both include GPS, a heart-rate sensor and will work with both iOS and Android, so it doesn’t matter which side of the smartphone Force you’ve chosen to embrace.