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A complete guide to the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer

We've analysed each second of the two-minute trailer to extract every single plot detail we can

It has begun. The new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens has finally arrived, and after watching it, it’s left us yearning for more – just like a great trailer should.

Even though the movie effectively turns my entire cupboard of Expanded Universe books and graphic novels into so much processed tree bark, I still got goosebumps. I also couldn’t stop myself from quoting Emperor Palpatine at the end of Return of the Jedi when I realised I’d have to wait two more months to see the actual movie: “YaaaaAAAAaarrhhhghhhhhhh” *boom* 

Here’s everything I’ve managed to gather from the bite-sized appetiser.


We see a masked figure exploring the wreckage of a large structure. We can surmise that it’s Daisy Ridley’s Rey, as she’s seen walking through the desert with BB-8 right after, with her voice-over saying that she’s “no one”.

It’s safe to say that the wreckage she’s exploring is the crashed Star Destroyer on Jakku that we saw in previous teasers, especially since we know that Rey’s a scavenger of some sort from her official information.

It makes sense that she’d search the wreckage for scraps she could use too, since that would be a mother lode of valuable materials. What we saw in the earlier scenes look like they could be the Star Destroyer’s hallways and cargo holds.


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