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Casio’s mudproof G-Shock smartwatch takes no nonsense

And it comes in three colours

While most smartwatches are built to withstand the bumps and scrapes of day-to-day life, if your daily routine involves crawling through trenches or digging big holes you might need something a little more hardcore. Casio’s new G-Shock GG-B100 (£325) has a Carbon Core Guard case, which protects it from impacts and keeps out dirt and grime, plus it’s waterproof right down to 200m. As for the smart features, it’s not exactly going to rival an Apple Watch, but it can do basic activity tracking using an accelerometer and has sensors onboard to measure compass bearing, atmospheric pressure/altitude, and the temperature, with an accompanying smartphone app to record it all. Throw in a two-year battery life and it’ll have other smartwatches begging for mercy.