Bose Frames are headphones for your eyes

Or should that be sunglasses for your ears?
06 December 2018 / 12:20GMT

If you asked someone to pass your sunglasses so you could listen to some music they might think you’d finally lost it, but Bose wants to make that bizarre request a reality. Its Frames have tiny speakers and a microphone built in, so you can stream tunes from your phone and speak to Siri or Google Assistant. They also have GPS and motion sensors onboard, which means Bose’s Audio AR platform will know what you’re looking at and tell you all about it. They come in two styles - square and round - and there’s no display so they’re not quite as chunky as previous smart specs we’ve seen. If you’re in the US you can pre-order a pair for US$199 now, or wait for the global launch, which is expected sometime in early 2019.