Bandly is an Apple Watch band made from wood that puts nature right on your wrist

Wooden know it
18 November 2019 / 13:17GMT

With a house full of tech, it’s easy to become disconnected from the natural world. But then it’s hardly like you’re going to make a watch band from wood, right? Wrong, as it turns out, because that’s exactly what Bandly ($39) is. Lumber offcuts have been reengineered into a soft, flexible, water-resistant, durable material. The underside of each strap is backed with non-toxic animal-free vegan leather. Bandly is also compatible with Fitbit Versa (1 and 2), and any 22mm watch, but is clearly aiming at Apple Watch owners, not least with downloadable matching backgrounds that make it look as though the strap continues right through the device itself. So if you fancy something more environmentally friendly on your wrist, Bandly gives you the chance to keep nature close at hand.