Amazon Halo is a screen-less fitness gadget that's always listening

But it has nothing to do with Master Chief
28 August 2020 / 0:08BST

It seems there’s nothing Amazon won’t shove Alexa into these days, except one thing: its new Halo wearable. So what’s the onboard microphone for, then? It monitors the tone of your voice and keeps tabs on your mood, while an accelerometer, temperature sensor, and heart rate monitor take care of things like steps, sleep, and general activity. With no GPS and no screen, the Halo isn’t going to constantly badger you to stand up, but it does ask you to use your phone’s camera to take 3D scans of your body to help you monitor your body fat percentage. While the Stuff jury’s still out on that feature, there’s certainly space on the wrist for a slightly less shouty health gadget. Initially available through a special early access programme in the US, the Halo will cost US$99.99 when it’s more widely available, with a $3.99 monthly subscription charge. That’s how the Echo was initially sold, so keep an eye out for news of a UK launch in the not too distant future.