AirPop’s Active+ mask is the smartest thing you can attach to your face

Isn't it time to upgrade your granny saver?
13 January 2021 / 14:21GMT

Considering your phone can tell you how long you spend looking at it and your smartwatch knows how much time you spend sitting on your backside, isn’t it about time you got a mask that had a few more extra features than just fogging up your glasses? Hook one of AirPop’s Active+ Smart Masks (£149.99) over your ears and its Halo sensor will collect all sorts of data concerning what goes in and out of your nose and mouth. Combined with the AirPop app, it can track breaths per minute and give you a visual breakdown on the pollutants that the mask has blocked, with info on your breathing cycles and behaviour too. The mask’s snap-in, four-layer filters are effective against 99% of PM0.3 particles, including dust, allergens, and microbial particles, and it’ll even send a notification to your phone when the filter needs changing. The mask, which is made from a totally washable, medical-grade membrane, works with both iOS and Android, but iPhone users get the extra benefit of being able to share their breathing stats with Apple’s HealthKit. Each one comes with four 40-hour filters and they’ll be available to buy in the UK next month. Happy breathing!