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Sony’s flagship Master Series TVs want to up your Netflix game

UPDATED: Now with those all important prices...

Just when you think TV manufacturer release schedules are getting predictable, Sony throws a curveball and announces not one but two new flagship models out of the blue – both of which sound very special indeed. Making up the so-called Master Series, there is the AF9 OLED, which replaces the excellent A1 OLED from last year, and the ZF9 LCD (pictured), replacing 2016’s ZD9 set. Both are powered by Sony’s super-powered X1 Ultimate processor, first teased at CES 2018, which promises to be twice as powerful as Sony’s current chip of choice, the X1 Extreme. Think brighter pictures, better detail resolution and hugely improved HDR, and you’re on the right lines of what to expect here. The AF9 also takes some cues from its predecessor with its Acoustic Surface Audio+ vibrating screen tech, and should sound even better thanks to a boosted 3.2 speaker array – up from 2.1 in the A1. One of the most interesting additions, though, comes in the form of a new ‘Netflix Calibrated Mode’, which promises to tweak Netflix’s Original content to look just how the director intended it to. This means improvements to dynamic contrast, colour and motion processing, keeping any unwanted ‘soap opera effect’ at bay. Consider us very interested indeed. The AF9 will be available in 55in (£2999) and 65in (£3999), with the ZF9 coming in at 65in (£3799) and 75in (£4999).

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