Samsung's new TV is a wall-mounted Magritte of a screen

Guaranteed to fool burglars. Unless they’re art thieves
24 July 2017

Look closely at the picture above. You probably can’t tell which one’s the telly and which is the painting. Here’s a clue: it’s the big one. But it doesn’t look like a TV, huh? See, stick Samsung’s Frame TV into ‘Art Mode’ and, rather than seeing a plain old black screen when it’s off, you’ll get a wonderful work of art. There are more than 100 works of art to choose from, and you needn’t worry about trailing wires ruining the effect: Samsung’s nifty ‘near-invisible’ connection tech needs just a single optical cable linking it to the One Connect box. We’re yet to see any hard screen specs, but we imagine it’ll carry a 4K HDR (probably QLED) screen. Watch this (art) space.