Samsung's new TV is a wall-mounted Magritte of a screen

Guaranteed to fool burglars. Unless they’re art thieves
24 July 2017 / 12:46BST

Look closely at the picture above. You probably can’t tell which one’s the telly and which is the painting. Here’s a clue: it’s the big one. But it doesn’t look like a TV, huh? See, stick Samsung’s Frame TV into ‘Art Mode’ and, rather than seeing a plain old black screen when it’s off, you’ll get a wonderful work of art. There are more than 100 works of art to choose from, and you needn’t worry about trailing wires ruining the effect: Samsung’s nifty ‘near-invisible’ connection tech needs just a single optical cable linking it to the One Connect box. We’re yet to see any hard screen specs, but we imagine it’ll carry a 4K HDR (probably QLED) screen. Watch this (art) space.