Samsung’s new short-throw 4K laser projector plasters your wall with a 130in virtual screen

Updated: The Premier goes on sale today
13 November 2020 / 14:15GMT

Samsung’s newest addition to its lifestyle roster is The Premiere, an ultra short throw 4K projector that can plaster your living room with up to 130 glorious inches of virtual screen, just inches from your wall - no more annoying silhouettes when someone pops to the loo, or faffing around with unsightly ceiling mounts. The world’s first HDR10+ projector uses Stormtrooper-approved triple laser technology to create crisp, sharp pictures, with built-in speakers designed to replicate the performance of the company’s soundbars. Audio enthusiasts can still connect their home speaker setups if they want to pack a mightier punch, while a filmmaker mode that smooths out pictures aims to satisfy the most critical of cinema snobs. Netflix and Amazon binges can continue as usual too, as it comes kitted out with Samsung’s tried and tested Smart TV Platform. You can place it in front of a wall near you and it's available to buy now.