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Samsung banishes the bezels with its next-gen 8K TV

The future is now

A new decade is underway, and TV manufacturers continue to insist that the age of 8K is upon us. It’s not, but if you’re thinking of upgrading your TV this year and have very deep pockets, good luck trying to resist Samsung’s flagship QN50TS 8K QLED. The first thing you’ll notice about the 75in set is that it’s almost entirely screen. Samsung has managed to trim the bezels to achieve nearly a 99% screen-to-body ratio, so all you see is when you’re looking at it is Marvel movie. It’s only 15mm thick too. While it remains true that there is absolutely no 8K content for you to watch on your new 8K telly, the Q950 is fully future-proofed, and Samsung says it’s working with YouTube among others to create pathways for streaming 8K content. For now, thanks to some AI-assisted upscaling wizardry, it can take your measly 4K streams and make them look near indistinguishable from the higher resolution. It’s also the TV’s AI capabilities that allow for more effective automatic brightness control in your living room, as well as object-based audio tracking for a surround sound experience. And with speakers on every side and sub-woofers (somehow) squeezed into its skinny back, the Q950 really is an audiovisual all-rounder. No word on price yet, but expect lots of numbers.