Philips launches entry-level OLED754 TV with Alexa built-in

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10 September 2019 / 11:16BST

Philips has unveiled a new entry level OLED television that comes with an Alexa voice assistant built-in. Launching this week across the UK, the Philips 754 OLED TV comes in 55in and 65in models, and has a target price of £1500. Now, that's hardly what some would consider affordable, but in OLED terms it's not half bad. Unlike some of its siblings, the 754 is powered by Philips' in-house developed Saphi smart platform, which prioritises speed and accessibility, and even features Ambilight technology to help you create a moody luminescent atmosphere. Alexa voice control can be activated using the bundled remote - just tap the voice assistant button on the remote and start jabbering - meaning you'll only ever need to leave to couch for critical snack runs and beverage refills. It's all about getting your priorities straight, y'know.