PC gamers: Nvidia’s BFGD screens will replace your living room TV

G-Sync on the big screen just got real
08 January 2018 / 5:17GMT

NVIDIA just revealed a truly drool-worthy set of BFGD screens that read like a laundry list of must-haves for gamers. 4K? naturally. 120Hz refresh rate? You got it. HDR support? Of course. Throw in G-sync adaptive sync for tear-free graphics, and smart TV tech courtesy of a built-in Nvidia Shield, and it’s tough to see what else you could want. Oh, and did we mention each Big Format Gaming Displays is a whopping 65in? We hope you've got some room in your living room - because squeezing a 65in screen onto a desk could be a little tricky. Nvidia isn’t actually making BFGD screens itself: Acer, HP and Asus are all on board, with models set to launch later this year. No word on prices yet, but expect each one to set you back about the same amount as a traditional 65in TV.