The Beovision Harmony 65in is a sculptural television that folds away

Pretentious perfection
20 November 2019 / 16:15GMT

Luxury tech maker Bang & Olufsen has unveiled a new version of its Beovision Harmony TV that folds down into a sculptural shape when not in use. The perfect gadget for anyone who enjoys wandering around their marble-clad home while imagining themselves as a great curator, the Beovision Harmony 65in comprises an LG OLED C9 smart TV and active DPS-based speaker system, all of which is housed behind two crafted oak and aluminium wings. When switched on, those wings will fan out - like a butterfly taking flight, apparently - and the TV will rise to the perfect viewing height. You're right, it does sound a little bit grandiose, but when you're forking out €13,500 on a gogglebox you expect a bit of pizzaz.