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This device turns your Apple Watch into a mini dumbphone

Rather than buying an extra device to spend less time on your smartphone, this device uses the tech you've already got: your Apple Watch

tinyPod Apple Watch dumbphone

We’re in a dumbphone re-revolution. People are realising they’re spending too much time glued to their top smartphones, and want to cut down. Myself included. But most devices are supplementary. They can’t do everything your phone can (which is the point), so you’ll need to switch back for certain tasks. It’s a hard sell to drop your cash. But this device wants to use a bit of tech you’ve already got and turn it into a dumbphone: your Apple Watch.

Anyone that’s got an Apple Watch will know that it’s not a phone replacement. There are some obvious things it can’t do, such as browsing the web, displaying video, and more. But this device uses that to its advantage. Dubbed the tinyPod, this device is like a case with a scroll wheel for your Apple Watch – turning it into a mini dumbphone.

Taking inspiration from the original iPod, the tinyPod uses a scroll wheel for you to control the device. That’s because the Digital Crown is inaccessible from the phone-like case. The name suggests that the primary function of the device will be music listening. But the brand has shown off that you can, of course, use it to reply to messages, make calls, and even control some apps. The lack of YouTube or a web browser means you’ll spend less time mindlessly scrolling. And you don’t need to buy all-new hardware, as it’s powered by your Apple Watch.

Of course, there’s the obvious flaw that you now lose your Apple Watch. To keep one on your wrist, you’d need to buy another. But since it still functions as an Apple Watch in the case, you could opt for the tinyPod. You’ll just have to accept that it’s not on your wrist. Size-wise, this thing looks about the size of two Apple Watch Series 9s stacked on top of each other, and a little bit wider. There are no available specs, but if I had to guess, this thing is about 100x45x40mm. tinyPod states that it is compatible with all models and sizes, and they’ll ask for your dimensions when it ships.

The tinyPod is not yet available to order, although you can pre-order it for $90/£72. It’ll be launched fully in June. This device is certainly a more interesting approach at a dumbphone, and I’m curious to see it hit the shelves.

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