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These smart swimming goggles have a heads-up display and link to your Apple Watch

Form's newest smart swimming goggles can fetch GPS data from your smartwatch while you're swimming with AR metrics in front of your eye

Form Swim Goggles 2

When it comes to the top fitness tech, most stuff focuses on sports on dry land. There are options for those that prefer to hit the water, but not usually as smart or slick. Enter Form’s Smart Swim 2 goggles, following up the first-generation. These smart swimmers have a built-in AR display, tracking info, and can hook up to your Apple Watch.

Form’s Smart Swim 2 goggles come with a built-in AR display that shows a variety of live metrics including stroke rates, distance swam, calories burned, pace, and split times. New to these goggles is built-in heart rate monitoring. The display itself is totally customisable, and can be tailored to show any of the 9 real-time metrics available. After each workout, the data from the goggles will sync with the Form Swim App to give you a more detailed analysis of your swim. It can also push this data to TrainingPeaks, Strava, Apple Health, TriDot, and Final Surge.

Have you ever fancied having a personal coach shouting hardcore training drills into your ear while you’re doing the butterfly? Say no more! The Smart Swim 2 goggles come equipped with HeadCoach that’ll make your smartwatch jealous. This nifty bit of tech assesses your swimming style, picks out your flaws (don’t take it personally), and conjures up custom workouts to transform you from a poolside potato into a sleek, swimming shark.

Pair them with your Apple Watch or Garmin, and you’ve got GPS data popping up in your goggles like magic. Pace, distance, and more, right before your very eyes, without having to awkwardly twist your wrist mid-stroke. Plus, they can act as a digital compass with SwimStraight, to help you head the right way when splashing about in open water. Battery life lasts about 12 hours, if you’re willing to look past the pruney fingers. And as a pair of goggles, they’re pretty good, smarts aside. They’ve got a customisable fit, different nose bridges, and anti-fog coating.

Fancy becoming the James Bond of the pool? Form’s Smart Swim 2 goggles can be all yours for$249/£229/€249 directly from the brand. And for those who like their training as advanced as their goggles, a premium subscription service post-free trial will set you back $15/£13/€15 per month, offering more personalized training plans and analytics than you could shake a pool noodle at.

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