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Shokz will have you swimming while listening to music with its Bluetooth OpenSwim Pro headphones

They're the brand's first set to offer Bluetooth and on-board MP3 storage for up to 8000 songs.

Shokz's new OpenSwim Pro headphones

Before you roll your eyes and think, “Not another pair of sports headphones,” hear me out. These aren’t just any old earbuds – they’re an offering designed for the aquatically inclined among us. Shokz has dealt with making headphones you can take underwater for years now. But the brand’s latest set, dubbed the OpenSwim Pro, are the first that let you connect via Bluetooth and store 8000 songs on-board the headphones thanks to 32GB of storage.

The OpenSwim Pro apart are Shokz’s first Bluetooth and MP3 compatible sports headphones made with bone conduction technology. This means you can jam out to your favourite tunes without drowning out the world around you. They’re perfect for when you need to keep an ear out for the lifeguard’s whistle or your mate calling you for a pint from the hotel bar. It also means you aren’t going to have to deal with something in your lugs while you’re underwater. With a press of a button or the Shokz app, you can switch between Bluetooth streaming and MP3 listening.

The design of these headphones is nothing to scoff at, either. They’re made from a flexible Nickel-Titanium alloy frame, which sounds like something straight out of a sci-fi flick. With soft silicone and a biofit design, these headphones promise to be as comfortable as your favourite pair of joggers. They’re so unobtrusive, you can wear them with a swimming cap or goggles without looking like you’re gearing up for a space mission.

While they’re a great option for diving in the pool with you, Shokz’s latest are completely versatile. Whether you’re swimming laps, running trails, or cycling through the city, the OpenSwim Pro has got you covered. An IP68 rating means you can take a dip with these for up to two hours in two meters of water. Or if you’re out of the water, they’re pretty similar to other bone conduction ‘phones. With up to nine hours of battery life and quick charging, you can keep the tunes going for as long as you can. And let’s not forget about the sound quality. Thanks to Shokz’s PremiumPitch 2.0+ technology, these headphones promise clear sound, powerful volume, and a bass that’ll make your heart thump.

So, when can you get your hands (or ears) on these underwater headphones? You can order the OpenSwim Pro directly from Shokz. The swimming ‘phones will set you back £169.

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