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These Dune: Part Two inspired Hamilton watches might be the coolest movie tie-in ever

Don't let time slip through your fingers like sand on Arrakis – check out these Dune: Part Two watches from Hamilton

Hamilton has designed a custom “Desert Watch” specifically requested by filmmaker Denis Villeneuve for his highly anticipated film, Dune: Part Two, the sequel to his cinematic masterpiece Dune.

Hamilton is the go-to watchmaker in Hollywood, appearing in over 500 major films since 1932, and the brand’s latest collaboration might be the most exciting yet.

Unlike previous collaborations, where Hamilton either selected existing watches, delved into archives or created entirely new designs, the world of Dune demanded a different approach (could you imagine a Jazzmaster on the wrist of Baron Vladimir Harkonnen?)

Instead, at Villeneuve’s request, Hamilton worked alongside the film’s prop master, Doug Harlocker, to craft a watch for another world that defies traditional watch norms.

You can see the result below:

With no knowledge of the device’s function but guided by the lore of Frank Herbert’s Dune and Villeneuve’s vision for the film, Hamilton’s designers created a hardwearing, distinctly Fremen device that perfectly embodied Harlocker’s artistry and earned Villeneuve’s blessing on the final design.

Limited edition models…

Now, those hoping to buy a one-to-one replica will be disappointed – the “Desert Watch” is exclusive to Arrakis. However, its creative influence has inspired Hamilton to launch two limited-edition watches.

Both Venturas feature a luminous blue dial reminiscent of the Fremen’s unmistakable blue eyes.

The Ventura Bright includes a button replicating the glowing blue lines of the “Desert Watch” dial design, while the brand new Ventura Edge boasts a matte black PVD-coated angular case with a digital display in blue, mimicking the relief elements seen on the prop in the film.

I think they’re very cool tie-ins, where they’re clearly influenced by the film, but don’t look like you’re walking around with a prop on your wrist.

From left to right, the Desert Watch, the Ventura Edge Dune, and the Ventura XXL Bright Dune

The limited-edition pieces come with commemorative packaging inspired by the film that fans of the movies and books, and collectors will enjoy.

The two watches are available now to coincide with the release of Dune: Part Two. The Hamilton Ventura XXL Bright Dune is limited to 3000 pieces and priced at £1,585 in the UK and $1,750 in the US.

The Ventura Edge Dune is limited to 2000 pieces and comes in at £2,235 in the UK and $2,500 in the US.

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