Lego’s next Speed Champions set is a dinky Nissan GT-R NISMO that’s ideal for your desk

It’s vrooming great
26 November 2019 / 17:48GMT

A Ford Mustang, Bugatti Chiron, or Aston Martin DB5 beautifully realised in Lego form might twang your happy place, but these sets also cost a pretty penny and eat into desk space. So if you’re lacking cash and room, but have a hankering for cars made from plastic bricks, check out Lego Speed Champions Nissan GT-R NISMO (£TBC, released January 2020) instead. This dinky replica replaces the real Japanese supercar’s 90,000+ parts with 298 plastic ones. Even so, it captures the form and details of its real-world counterpart, including the iconic taillights. This is in part due to Lego increasing the size of Speed Champion replicas by 25 per cent, to ramp up the realism. Lego CEO Niels B. Christiansen says he hopes the model will “inspire children to learn more about engineering”. Stuff will be mulling that rousing idea over while zooming a couple of these cars about the office, until everyone nearby demands we stop.

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