Lego’s latest Creator Expert vehicle is an iconic ‘cool yellow’ Fiat 500

04 March 2020 / 15:54GMT

Lego’s previous trio of Creator Expert vehicles – Ford Mustang; Harley-Davidson Fat Boy; Aston Martin DB5 – share a certain vibe. But Lego’s latest – Creator Expert Fiat 500 (£74.99) – eschews plastic depictions of raw power for something a mite more adorable (and very yellow). Based on the Fiat 500F from the 1960s, this 960-piece set lets you construct a beautifully realised brick-built take on a much-loved classic that brims with character. There’s a detailed interior, a boot with a stashed easel, a bonnet to lift and peer into, and a functioning sunroof, so you can VRRROOOMM the car along your desk, dreaming of soaking up Italian sun. As is now traditional for the Creator Expert line, Lego also built and unveiled a full-size 400kg model of this car from 189,032 bricks. That one’s not for sale, mind, which is probably just as well. We shudder to think how much it’d cost – and the calibre of shelf you’d need to display it.

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