Lego’s latest Adidas-themed kit is a brick-built sneaker that shoe looks good

If this shoe fits… don’t wear it
15 June 2021 / 12:28BST

Earlier this year, Lego and Adidas teamed up to make some customisable shoes. You could bolt on the odd bit of Lego, but, well, it didn’t really feel like Lego. Lego Adidas Superstar (£79.99, available 1 July) does. Rather than taking some footwear and adding a few slots for Lego plates, Lego Adidas Superstar is a fully buildable shoe to show off on the included display stand or store with your actual sneaker collection and make all your other shoes wonder what’s going on. The final object is 27cm long and neatly mimics the original sneaker’s familiar form and design. You even get shoelaces to complete the effect. But do you get a right or left shoe? You decide, by way of 17 extra elements in the box. Alternatively, buy two sets and make a pair. Just don’t in a moment of madness try them on. Stepping barefoot on a Lego brick is bad enough; you’d need to be a masochist to head out wearing brick-built footwear.

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