Lego Super Mario is a bizarre mix of custom-designed plastic levels and a huge Mario Lego figure with game-changing outfits

21 May 2020 / 11:14BST

Nintendo often does videogames in a decidedly nonconformist manner (Wii; Labo), and so it should come as no surprise this is also its approach to Lego. Due for release on 1 August, Lego Super Mario (£49.99) is a collaboration with the kings of plastic bricks, and it’s unlike any Lego you’ve seen before. Resembling a mash-up of Lego kits, Super Mario Maker, and an old-school boardgame, Lego Super Mario finds a massive Lego Mario figure bounding about custom levels, unsportingly jumping on brick-built turtles, collecting coins (which show up on Mario’s LED chest) and avoiding getting a kicking from various lurking plastic hazards. We’ll be honest: it looks weird. But also, it looks like nothing Lego and Nintendo have ever tried before. That can only be a good thing for the future of the plastic brick and Nintendo alike. Pre-order the £49.99 Starter Course and Lego will lob a free set your way. On 1 August, you'll also be able to grab several expansion sets, including Bowser’s Castle Boss Battle (£89.99), and natty new threads for Mario by way of various Power-Up Packs (£8.99 each) that impact on play in unique ways. Check out Lego’s video to see the sets in action, and Nintendo showing off Lego Mario’s wardrobe.

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