BenQ GV1 is a projector disguised as a smart speaker

“Alexa, why can’t you project a 100in picture onto the wall?”
15 February 2019 / 11:33GMT

Projectors used to be gigantic, unwieldy things that required their own room and an advance warning before you even thought about turning them on. But those days are gone. Now you can squeeze something capable of projecting a 100in picture onto the wall into a device the size of a pint glass. BenQ’s GV1 (£329) can play stuff over Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or USB-C and has a three-hour battery life, so you’ll get to the credits of all but the longest films. You can adjust the angle by up to 15 degrees, so it’s fairly flexible with where you place it, and while the 5-watt onboard speaker won’t shake the walls, that means it’s all the better for setting up surreptitiously in a quiet corner of Starbucks.

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