You can now own an Apple Keyboard with Touch ID – without buying an iMac

Magic touch
03 August 2021 / 16:36BST

When Apple unleashed its brand-new 24in iMac earlier this year, the keyboard in the box also received an overhaul. Along with curvier edges and hues to colour-match the iMac hardware, we got Touch ID on a standalone external keyboard for the first time. The need to laboriously tap in passwords was eradicated. Bliss! Unless you own a Mac mini or use an external keyboard with an M1 Apple laptop – whereupon you’ve possibly spent time figuring out how you can swipe a chum’s iMac keyboard while they’re not looking. Fortunately, Apple’s now made Touch ID-equipped keyboards available to anyone with an M1 Mac, by way of the Magic Keyboard with Touch ID for Mac models with Apple silicon (£149) and Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and Numeric Keypad for Mac models with Apple silicon (£179). The names aren’t pretty but the keyboards sure are – although they only come in silver, and so you’ll still need to ‘borrow’ one from an iMac owner should you fancy a keyboard in a more interesting colour.

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