Touchtype Pro is a keyboard case for your iPad Pro and Apple Magic Keyboard

03 May 2019 / 9:56BST

So you’ve got your iPad Pro – and quickly realised typing on glass makes your fingers want to hurt you. But before you make a beeline for Apple’s Smart Keyboard Folio, check out Touchtype Pro (from $44). Instead of including its own keyboard, this case is designed as a home for your iPad, Apple Pencil, and an Apple Magic Keyboard – complete with its full-size keys and general loveliness. But that’s not all. A versatile system of magnets, folds, and openings enables you to quickly set your iPad at a wide range of angles, or work with your tablet in portrait mode. You can also flip the keyboard away when getting all creative with Apple Pencil, or detach it entirely when you’ve worked a bit too hard, and decided the only solution is to binge-watch Game of Thrones from the start.

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