The Odake BladeX is an incredulously slim portable 4K monitor

On-the-go productivity
27 June 2019 / 15:14BST

If you're a sucker for a two-screen setup, you'll want to get a load of the BladeX. The brainchild of the boffins over at Odake, the BladeX is a super slim on-the-go touchscreen monitor that'll help boost your productivity (or procrastination) when you're on the road. The portable 15.6in 4K display is only 4.5mm thick, and can be hooked up to laptops and Macbooks via USB-C or HDMI, doubling your screen space in a snap. An onboard 3000mAh battery will deliver three hours of use between charges, while a pair of built-in speakers will let you annoy everybody in Starbucks when you ditch the headphones. Oh, and if you're the sort of person who values play over work, you can even connect the BladeX to your Android smartphone, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One, because bringing a massive games console to your favourite cafe is totally normal. If your interest is well and truly piqued, you place an Early Bird order for the BladeX over on Indiegogo.

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