NuType is a wireless mechanical keyboard that clamps over a MacBook Pro’s existing keys

25 November 2019 / 10:45GMT

Apple’s fixed the MacBook Pro keyboard, but you might not want to splash out over two grand on the new 16in model to experience that. Hence NuType (from $99), designed to improve any MacBook keyboard – by replacing it. But rather than being something you plug in via USB, this number clamps on to your Apple notebook, over the top of its existing keys. You can still use the trackpad (and, at a push, Touch Bar), and your eyes and fingers are subsequently delighted by, respectively, custom RGB backlighting and mechanical switches. Although primarily designed for notebooks, NuType can simultaneously pair and switch between three different devices as well; and if you’re using a tablet, the bundle carrying case doubles as a stand. Now you’ve no excuse for avoiding work, whatever device you use.

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