Mokibo Folio is a bizarre and clever iPad keyboard case where the keyboard is also the trackpad

29 July 2020 / 18:08BST

Apple’s swish Magic Keyboard transforms your iPad Pro into a laptop – but costs almost as much as an iPad and has a dinky trackpad. Weld a full-size Magic Trackpad to the thing, though, and it’d be huge. Mokibo Folio (from £62) cunningly gets around this problem by placing the trackpad under the keys. The entire right-hand side of the keyboard therefore lets you perform all those fab new iPadOS gestures, automatically detecting whether you’re swiping or tapping. But that’s not all. The unit’s a multi-angle stand for landscape and portrait iPad use, and the stand can be flipped under the device when using it with other devices. You can pair Mokibo Folio with up to three – iOS, Android, macOS and Windows are all supported. Sounds like your type of keyboard? You’ll be able to find out come November.

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