E-PAD is an E-Ink Android tablet that wants to be a paper notepad

Turn over a new leaf
03 June 2019 / 10:46BST

You might like a pen and paper, but sheets of A4 are easily lost. And besides, do you really want to be responsible for killing more trees? Instead, try E-PAD ($449). More or less the lovechild of an Android device, a Kindle, and a paper notepad, this E-ink tablet is designed to capture the feeling of writing on paper. The stylus acts like a pen – albeit one with an eraser and endless ink – and the system can turn handwriting into text, save notes in the cloud, and with 4G enable you to (slowly – E-ink, remember) surf the web or run third-party Android apps. During downtime, you can take in your favourite tomes by way of the 10.3in 227ppi display that reflects light like real paper. But unlike any paper book, E-PAD can blast your favourite tunes from its speakers. (Or perhaps Stuff just isn’t reading the right books.)

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