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This battery-packing laptop sleeve combines power with protection

No more scrambling for a plug socket when you're low on juice

Power sockets are a bit like the TV remote – never there when you need one the most. Only instead of having to endure yet another endless repeat of Friends, your laptop runs out of juice and you’re staring at a black screen. You won’t need to worry if you slot your laptop into an InCase Connected Power Sleeve: it’s got a built-in 14,000 mAh battery pack that’ll keep you going when you’re running low. USB-C and USB ports on the bottom of the sleeve let you recharge your other tech, if you remembered to juice your Notebook before leaving the house. It’s a shame you can’t charge your laptop when it’s sheathed though. US$200 for a laptop sleeve sounds a bit pricey, but if you’re regularly running out of juice, it could be worth splashing out when it arrives in Q3 this year, in 13in and 15in versions for your MacBook of choice.

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