The Unihertz Titan looks like the lovechild of an Android smartphone and a BlackBerry Passport

Revert to type
20 August 2019 / 8:46BST

Apple’s original iPhone removed the physical keyboard from a smartphone – and most of the industry quickly followed suit. For some, that resulted in two sad thumbs. But now, Unihertz Titan ($259) is here to fulfil your productivity-boosting physical keyboard dreams. Like a modern take on a BlackBerry Passport, this Android 9 phone gives you a backlit QWERTY keyboard with a trackpad-like navigator button; above is the almost square 4.6in touchscreen. Beyond that, you get NFC, wireless charging, fingerprint unlock, and a 16MP rear snapper. But this is also a smartphone for the adventurous – like Unihertz’s Atom, the Titan is built to last. Along with waterproofing and dustproofing, it has a rugged designed to survive unplanned trips to the ground, as opposed to more fragile smartphones that threaten to break if you so much as look at them a bit funny.