Spigen’s Classic iPhone cases have your iPhone X cosplay as the original iMac and iPhone

Base-case scenario
16 May 2018 / 16:09BST

You might think the iPhone X the most beautiful device Apple’s ever made. But its sleekness means there’s no room for whimsy, and the glass surfaces are prone to breakage if your iPhone takes an unexpected journey to the tarmac. Cue: Spigen’s Classic C1 ($25). Shipping in June, this iPhone case is inspired by the original iMac line, with the semi-transparent bondi-blue(ish) surface providing a glimpse of components beneath. There are other colours, too – including snow and graphite – and all of the cases feature durable dual-layer designs, and air cushion technology on the corners. If the campaign hits $100,000 in pledges, iPhone 8/8 Plus owners will be along for the ride. And for fans of even older iPhones, an extra $10 will get you the Classic One case, which makes it look like Apple’s original iPhone has fused with its latest creation – like the tech equivalent of a Brundlefly.