The Samsung Galaxy S10E is a bargain handset with bite

The price is right
20 February 2019 / 19:30GMT

So you're keen to jump on the Samsung Galaxy bandwagon, but aren't sure your bank account can cope? Well, put those worries to bed, because the new Galaxy S10E has your back. Unveiled at Samsung's 2019 Unpacked Event today, the S10E is a cheap and cheerful alternative to the flagship S10. As you'd expect, that means there are a couple of tradeoffs. The S10E is smaller than its premium cousin, and comes with one less camera lens on the back. Crucially though, it's a damn sight less expensive while retaining features such as that 19:9 OLED display and wireless powersharing between devices. Like the rest of the S10 range, it's due to ship on March 8 and can be pre-ordered for today for £669.