ROKiT's glasses-free 3D smartphone is heading to the UK

Extra dimension
06 February 2019 / 15:03GMT

Think the 3D tech fad is over? Think again. US telecoms outfit ROKiT is looking to keep that bandwagon rolling with the UK launch of its 3D-capable Android smartphone, the ROKiT IO Pro 3D (£249.99). The sleek dual sim handset utilises patented glasses-free 3D tech to let users witness the power of the third dimension without slapping a pair of specs on their noggin'. The phone also includes access to the ROKFlix 3D app, which will host an "expansive" catalogue of 3D content, covering everything from short series and animation to full-fledged feature films. There's no word on when the IO Pro 3D will actually launch in the UK, with ROKiT simply stating the mobile is "coming soon". How tantalisingly vague.