Punkt's minimalist MP02 is the anti-flagship phone

Time for a digital detox?
01 March 2019 / 18:50GMT

When Palm set out to make a phone you wouldn’t want to use the result was a little too successful. The two-star Palm did almost everything a proper smartphone can do, it just did it really badly. But with the MP02, Punkt has taken a different approach. All it really does is allow you to take calls and send texts. It’s based on Android but there are no apps. It has 4G but you can’t get online. You can, however, turn it into a Wi-Fi hotspot, the idea being that it eliminates distractions but still allows you to connect other devices to the web when you really need to. It also only shows icons for battery life and signal if they’re low. No icon? No need to worry. £295 is quite a lot for a phone with such limited functionality and a 2in monochrome screen, but if you’re looking to reclaim some of your life from constant interruptions, it could be just the thing.