£500 OnePlus 6T gets a tiny notch and in-screen fingerprint scanner

Latest flagship looks like more of a bargain than ever
29 October 2018 / 17:02GMT

Every time OnePlus launches a new phone we go through the spec sheet to see what’s been left out. It’s a job that’s getting more difficult with each new release - and the 6T, which starts at just £499, makes it harder than ever. Not only is there a Snapdragon 845 CPU, up to 8GB RAM, 20MP/16MP dual cameras and Android 9.0 but its 6.41in Super AMOLED front leaves no space for a fingerprint reader, so OnePlus has built it into the screen instead. Not even big dogs like Samsung, Google and HTC have done that yet. The notch is one of the smallest seen on any phone available as well. All that’s really missing is wireless charging and a headphone port, but if you don’t want to pay £800+ for your phone, there are some sacrifices that just can’t be avoided. Tempted? You can read Stuff's full review of the 6T here.