Light Phone 2 is an E Ink smartphone replacement that wants you to use it as little as possible

The light stuff
05 March 2018 / 18:00GMT

If you’re in thrall to the tiny dopamine dispenser in your pocket, a new not-so-smart phone wants to help you disconnect. The Light Phone 2 ($250) is designed to be used as little as possible, yet still replace your standard smartphone. Unlike its calls-only predecessor, Light Phone 2 reasons you might be able to ditch your other devices permanently, too, since it adds messaging and alarms. Directions, playlists, weather and a calculator may come later – you can help determine the final specs by backing the phone on Indiegogo. What we do know: it’ll be light, energy efficient, and 4G LTE compatible, have an E Ink display you’ll actually be able to use outside, and ship in April 2019. Plus its stripped-back nature means – unlike expensive smartphones – the Light Phone 2 won’t date the second you get it out of the box.