The Lenovo Tab V7 is an ultraportable tablet-and-smartphone-in-one

Absolutely phabulous
27 February 2019 / 11:10GMT

There's a new phablet on the block, and its name is the Lenovo Tab V7. The ultraportable handset is being pitched by manufacturer Lenovo as the "best of both worlds," a slim and stylish smartphone that'll also double up as the perfect tablet when duty calls. At a glance it's hard to argue with that assessment. The Tab V7 boasts a whopping 6.9-inch Full HD display for better viewing, (that'll help keep the kids entertained), front-facing speakers for powerful sound at home and on the go, all-day battery life for those long road trips, front and back cameras, dual SIM card slots, and a rear fingerprint scanner fro added security. That's a fair amount of bang for a modest amount of buck, with the Tab V7 due to retail for €249 when it launches this April.