iPhone XS Max has the largest screen (and price tag) of any iPhone to date

The iPhone XS isn't enough for you? Take it to the Max
12 September 2018 / 21:27BST

What's the next step after Plus? According to Apple, it's Max – and thus, the iPhone XS Max was born. As the name suggests, Apple's extra-large new iPhone blows past the 5.8in display of the standard iPhone XS and delivers a huge 6.5in OLED display at 2688x1242 resolution, albeit the same 458ppi sharpness as the smaller version. It also bundles in an extra hour of battery life, although otherwise, it delivers the same top-of-the-line package as the XS. That means it has the speedy new A12 Bionic chip, improved dual-camera setup on the back with Smart HDR processing and an incredible-looking depth-of-field slider, as well as a faster and more secure TrueDepth camera on the front. All of this stunning tech will cost you, however: the iPhone XS Max starts at £1099/US$1099 and ranges up to £1449/US$1449 for the 512GB model. Pre-orders start on 14 September before the official release on 21 September.