HTC's new U Ultra is unexpectedly unmetal

That's one glassy, classy smartphone
26 February 2017 / 10:00GMT

If this were a film, someone would have just said “Yeah, the Vive and Google Pixel have been solid outings for HTC, but what it really needs is… wait, do you hear that?" Cut to a glass of water, vibrating, then WALLOP. A huge truck emblazoned with the words ‘HTC’s flagship smartphone resurgence’ comes crashing through the wall. Mouths gape; dust settles. A tiny door in the side opens (FX: dry ice) and out slides the HTC U Ultra. Someone: “Woah.” The drama is justifed, as this is a radical phone from HTC. Curved glass body, 5.7in QHD screen and, above it, a smaller 160 x 1040-pixel screen showing icons of wisdom from the Sense Companion assistant software. We've tried it, we've reviewed it and we like it...


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