Cut the cord on iPhone X charging with this portable power bank

Avido's WiBa wirelessly tops up your phone, wherever you are
03 January 2018 / 12:00GMT

Whether you're still nursing a Pokémon GO addiction or just can't seem to stop sharing selfies on social media, running out of battery is no fun - but most portable battery packs leave you looking like an IT technician, with cables trailing out of your backpack and into your pockets. Avido's WiBa power bank cuts those cords with Qi wireless charging, letting you top up without plugging anything in. Magnets hold your iPhone X in place on the charging pad, and the 5000mAh pack has enough juice to refuel almost three times over. There's a USB port if your mates have a phone without wireless charging, too. Once it's drained, it has its own docking station that acts as a wireless charging pad while you wait for it to recharge. The price for all that convenience? $99.99, when it goes on sale later this year.