The BlackBerry Key2 gets a dual camera and sticks with the trusty physical keyboard

Back in black (and silver)
07 June 2018 / 15:37BST

Given how much we’ve had to use the words “bezel” and “notch” while writing about smartphones in 2018, there’s something strangely refreshing about the arrival of the BlackBerry Key2 (£579). As you’d expect, it’s rocking a physical QWERTY keyboard, complete with a built-in fingerprint scanner and a new Speed Key, which you can customise for quick access to various apps and functions. That’s paired with a 4.5in touch display. For business, then, it ticks all the boxes, but the Key2 is also the first BlackBerry blower to feature a dual rear camera setup. These 12MP snappers offer better white balance, faster autofocus and improved stabilisation, and the new Optical Superzoom and Portrait modes make it a more than capable option for on-the-go shutterbugs. Everything is running on Android 8.1 Oreo, and you can think of the retained headphone jack as the cherry on top. It starts shipping this month.