Belkin has expanded its range of iPhone compatible wireless chargers

Power play
19 July 2019 / 12:31BST

We could all use a friend like Belkin. Given Apple has been struggling with wireless charging of late, Belkin has decided to help the iPhone maker out by adding three new Boost Charge wireless charging devices to its Apple portfolio. That means the range now includes the Boost Charge Wireless Charging Pad (£29.95), Wireless Charging Stand (£49.95), and Wireless Charging Vent Mount (£54.95). As you might've guessed from the names, the pad is an affordable charging mat that's perfect for tables and desks. The stand (pictured above) can be used to charge your iPhone in portrait and landscape mode, letting you binge your favourite shows while your phone slurps up juice. The vent mount, on the other hand, is an in-car wireless charging solution that'll keep your phone steady and usable while you breeze around the country.