Weber Connect adds brains to your barbie

How do you like them done?
13 January 2020 / 17:15GMT

Unless you live in Australia you probably don’t spend a lot of time in January thinking about having a barbecue – but at Weber it’s griller time every single day of the year. If you like the smell of firelighters in the morning but things tend to come out a little closer to charcoal than medium-rare, its new Weber Connect (£109) should help to keep things edible. It turns any barbecue into a smart grill, offering up to four separate probes that can be used to monitor the overall temperature of your barbecue or give exact readings for particular lumps of meat. The hub then tells you exactly when to flip things and when they’re cooked to perfection, or sends a notification to your phone if you’ve gone to get another beer. Save us a sausage.

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