Tado’s V3+ Starter Kit can make 95% of boilers smart

Smart heating made simple
03 September 2020 / 17:09BST

Trying to make your home smart can sometimes feel like plotting a mission to Mars. Is this compatible with that? Will that need screwing into there? And why can’t everything just run on good old AA batteries? If you want to give your heating a few extra brain cells, smart thermostats don’t get much simpler than Tado’s new V3+ Starter Kit (from £180). It works with more boilers than ever, supports voice control and self-installation, and, with the addition of the optional new Wireless Temperature Sensors (£70 each), offers more precise readings and control over how cosy your crib is. Spend an extra £20 on the wireless version and the thermostat will even run on AAA batteries. Close enough, eh?

Smart home