Nest Secure wants to be a Robocop for your house

Welcome to your new trio of gadget guard dogs...
20 September 2017 / 18:28BST

Worried that your pet chihuahua isn’t quite intimidating enough to scare off burglars? Nest’s fearsome Secure system (from $499, out early 2018) should give you some peace of mind. It consists of three parts: a hub called Nest Guard, some Nest Detect motion sensors for windows, and Nest’s keychain Tags to help you and your family arm the alarm. If a burglar dares to enter, the Guard’s alarm will go off and you’ll get smartphone alerts so you can order in the cavalry. Okay, it won’t bark out ‘you have 20 seconds to comply’, but maybe you can teach your Parrot to add that little sign off. Nest Secure will be out in November in the US, but Europe will have to wait until early 2018. In the meantime, best get that chihuahua to learn some new tricks.

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